Ward31 News

Ward 31 Newspaper Is Available In East Toronto


Leroy At 416-693-6325

4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Jesse MacNevin said


    I just stepped out of my house to find four copies of your newspaper/flyer laying around on the ground.

    Please advise whomever is responsible for delivering your product to
    1) respect “no flyers please” signs
    2) place a single flyer in the mailbox
    3) not litter on my property



  2. Bill Lee said

    Dear Leroy

    We are reluctant receivers of your pathetic little rag and are loathe to dignify it with a response but you do insist on delivering it (uninvited) to the neighborhood in general and to us specifically. It is a publication bereft of any pretense of thoughtful reportage or fair debate; your mindless right wing ramblings and occasional use of smutty language (“douche-bag”) are both childish and offensive to any thinking folks. You apparently wish to appeal to a quite narrow minded and ill informed readership. Your pitiful whinging does one saving grace however. We are able to look over the advertisers so as to be able to avoid doing business with any of them.

    Bill and Cecelia Lee
    Ward 31 Residents

    • m.g. pidgen said

      This is a response to the message by Bill and Cecelia Lee.
      Bill and Cecelia, Many people I know these days sound like you. Anything that doesn’t smack of marxist, pro-gay, egalitarian lip service and political correctness you call “right-wing.” It is a sad commentary on the ideology that has infected our society. As far as your disgust that they used the phrase “douche-bag” to describe Bobby Kennedy, they obviously don’t believe in the Kennedy/Camelot mythology. I don’t either. Educated citizens know what a two-faced creep he was.Personally, I wouldn’t have used such a phrase, but it is their free speech and I’m glad they are exercising it. As far as you mentioning their advertisers, the mere notion of boycott always disturbs me. It seems like intellectual terrorism and a bit Trotskyist. Be thankful that they disagree with you. How boring would the world be if everyone agreed on everything? That is the goal of totalitarions and, thankfully, we’re not there yet. Peace, M.G. Pidgen

  3. mark pidgen said

    Leroy St. Germaine,
    Ease up on Sandra Bussin. Kicking someone when they are down is not very nice. I know she’s suing you for libel, but cut her a break over the holidays. Take the high road, which shouldn’t be hard in relation to Sandra Bussin. It’s the right thing to do. Please re-run my ad because I did get a new client from it. Thanx.
    Bob Izanlaer

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